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Grade 6 Electives

Grade 6 Electives

Last updated 3.13.2024

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Incoming Families

Please submit your student's current immunization record and physical to our Health Office:


New to District Application 

Choice Enrollment Application Course registration must be completed through the student's currently enrolled school until an application has been approved, and the parent has accepted, through their Scribble account. 



Art supplies

Art with Ms. Hanks

In this introductory 6th grade art class, students will have the opportunity to express themselves and make connections to other content areas.

Studio production will explore a variety of mediums and techniques - watercolor aspen trees, sharpie zentangles, and 3D paper sculptures.

Students will be introduced to: elements of art vocabulary, creative problem solving, art history, critical thinking, color theory, cultural connections, and personalized learning.

Students will utilize the design cycle to complete projects, and develop problem-solving skills.


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with Mrs. Van Wert

Please note: This is a Year Long Class and takes up two elective spots.

Mandatory Instrument Selection Night TBD. Parents of students who selected this elective will receive an email.

Sixth grade band students have the opportunity to learn how to play flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, baritone, trombone, or percussion.

Students will learn how to play their instrument alone and in a group, read music, and have the opportunity to perform in concerts!

Students will need to purchase their book, which is the Tradition of Excellence Book 1 (red). Be sure to check that it has the correct instrument name on the book. BRMS also has a limited number of instruments to rent out for students to use, or they can rent from local music stores.

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with Mr. Kubichek

Sixth grade choir is an opportunity for students to sing in a class setting with other peers. Students are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles including today's hits, classical, rock, and more!

Through performance, listening, and critical thinking, we will learn more about singing and music. Students will become more confident and comfortable with their voice and learn to blend while singing with others.

There are several performances during the year for the choir students here at Bill Reed. All students are welcome to join!

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Drama with Ms. Anderson

This is an introductory course to introduce students to the dramatic arts. Students will participate and engage in a variety of theatrical games and exercises in order to enhance their performance skills. 

These exercises also help focus on stage directions, non-verbal communication (pantomime), and working in groups to create original stories on stage.

Bill Reed Wolves — Fiercely Committed

Family and Consumer Science
with Ms. Burdick

This exploratory course is designed to introduce students to Family and Consumer Science (FACS) through the integration of a variety of curricular areas such as math, science, language arts, and art, through the use the design cycle, labs, and technology.

Sixth grade students will develop basic culinary skills and an understanding for nutrition guidelines, as well as, construct a creative sewing project which will expose students to hand stitching. This course emphasizes safety and teamwork in an interactive environment.


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with Mr. Kubichek

Mandatory Instrument Selection Night TBD. Parents of students who selected this elective will receive an email.

Sixth grade orchestra is for students interested in learning to play the violin, viola, cello, or double bass!

Students will have several performances throughout the school year. Students are expected to supply their own instruments.

The school has a limited supply of instruments for rental, but it is recommended that you rent a violin and/or viola from a local music store. Cellos and Double Basses are available for use at the school for a nominal rental fee, but it is also recommended that parents rent a separate instrument for home practice.

Parents must provide the orchestra method book, Essential Elements for Strings Book 1. One hour of home practice per week is expected.

Running Wolfpack — Fiercely Committed

Physical Education and Health
with Mrs. Custer or Mr. Rogich

This class is required for everyone and will already be included in the student's schedule.

Physical Education courses typically involve the acquisition of knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for sport, a physically active lifestyle, and social development through physical activity.

Activities typically include those that increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. They reinforce safe techniques,  teach the rules and conventions of games and sports. Lastly they explore the relationship between physical activity and health.

Health topics (such as the effects of drugs and alcohol, sexual education, and healthy lifestyles) may also be included.

Bill Reed Wolves — Fiercely Committed


with Mr. Kubichek

This course aims to provide the means and the context to help students become inquirers, thinkers and open-minded skillful problem solvers through the lens of human ingenuity and the design cycle using information and systems technology.

This class will give students an opportunity to review and practice keyboarding skills and learn how to use the internet more effectively while learning various publishing programs to produce creative and innovative projects.

Wolfpack Tech, Engineering, and Design

Technology, Engineering, and Design (TED)
with Mr. Christensen

This class introduces the topic of technology to students through the use of the design cycle. Students study the 5 categories of technology, which are transportation, power and energy, communication, manufacturing, and construction.

Activities in this class are hands on and include paper structures, laser engraving, 3D design, rockets, 3D printing and snap circuit electric kits.


Globe surrounded by greetings in different languages

World Languages with Ms. Esnaola

Intro to World Languages offers students an opportunity to pursue the study of World Languages at basic proficiency level.

Students will perform listening, speaking, reading and writing 21st century global communicative tasks as they discover the different cultures, including the arts, foods, music and daily life of the Spanish speaking world.