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Grade 7 Electives

Grade 7 Electives

Last updated 2.22.2024

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Choice Enrollment Application Course registration must be completed through the student's currently enrolled school until an application has been approved, and the parent has accepted, through their Scribble account. 



Art supplies

Art 2D with Ms. Hanks

This course is designed to focus on two dimensional artwork. Studio production will explore a variety of two dimensional mediums and techniques: self portrait caricatures, prisma color fruit, and creative color wheels.

Students will explore art history, critical thinking, color theory, cultural connections, elements/principles of design, and identity. Students will utilize the design cycle to complete projects, & develop problem solving skills.

Art supplies

Art 3D with Ms. Hanks

This course is designed to focus on three dimensional artwork. Studio production will explore a variety of three dimensional mediums and techniques - role masks, pop-art desserts, and 3D landscapes.

Students will explore art history, critical thinking, color theory, cultural connections, elements/principles of design, and identity. Students will utilize the design cycle to complete projects, and develop problem solving skills.

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Band 2 with Mrs. Van Wert

(This is a Year Long Class and takes up two elective spots.)

Grade 7 band is designed to develop musical concepts and techniques through band literature. In addition to instruments offered in 6th grade, students can also play oboe, bassoon, and tuba.

Students will learn rhythmic development, working on sheet music, broadening their instrument range, and rehearsing together as a full ensemble. Students are required to participate in all school rehearsals and evening concerts.

Parents/guardians are to provide the band method book Tradition of Excellence Book 2 (blue) and Sound Innovations for Intermediate Concert Band for their instrument and all necessary accessories. Instruments are available for rental from local music stores and Bill Reed.

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with Mr. Kubichek

Grade 7 choir is open to any student, there is no experience necessary. We will sing a wide variety of musical styles of choral music as well as work on listening skills and performance.

Sight singing will be introduced in addition to continuing our understanding of music theory/composition and proper vocal production. We will work on singing as both individuals and as a full ensemble in order to develop as musicians and perform in concerts.

Students are required to participate in all school rehearsals and concerts.

Three Red Wolves

Drama with Ms. Anderson

This class builds on prior dramatic skills and will focus on characterization, plot, and setting in a variety of improvised and scripted scenes.

Students will participate in theatrical games and exercises to further develop theatrical skills on stage.

Students will work on memorizing lines, blocking and arranging of theatrical scenes, and explore the behind the scenes elements of technical theatre.

Three Red Wolves

Drama: Theatre Tech

with Ms. Anderson

This class focuses heavily on exploring the behind the scenes elements of technical theatre.


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Family and Consumer Science

with Ms. Burdick

Creative talents will be developed in grade 7 Family and Consumer Science (FACS) through the integration of a variety of curricular areas such as math, science, language arts, and art, through the use the design cycle, labs, and technology.

While learning about nutrition and important healthy food choices, students will prepare a number of foods in a variety of ways. As part of the sewing unit, hand and machine sewing will be explored as students construct projects of personal interest and ability.

Knowledge of interior design, budgeting, childcare, and personal development will also be expanded. All of the course activities will emphasize safety and teamwork in an interactive environment.

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Multi Media
with Mr. Kubichek

Students will explore all the different types of media in our modern society and learn how to be discerning consumers of media. A final project will have students create a multimedia presentation using several forms of media.

There will be a focus on how to tell how reliable a given media source is along with what goes into different media careers in the world today.

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Music Exploration
with Mr. Kubichek

Students will start with music they like and trace the influence of that music backward in history.  Students will explore many different types of modern music through listening and research. 

Projects in the class will include composing music in various forms and comparing different genres of music.  The class will engage in several forms of dialogue about music. 

Think of this class as an updated general music or music appreciation class.  There will be no performances or concerts involved.


with Mr. Kubichek 

This is a year long class and takes up two elective spots.

Grade 7 orchestra is for students interested in learning the violin, viola, cello, or double bass! Students will have several performances throughout the school year, as well as field trips to professional orchestra rehearsals and orchestra competitions.

Students are expected to supply their own instruments. The school has a limited supply of instruments for rental, but it is recommended that you rent a violin and/or viola from a local music store. Cellos and Double Basses are available for use at the school for a nominal rental fee, but it is also recommended that parents rent a separate instrument for home practice.

Parents must provide the orchestra method book, Essential Elements for Strings Book 2. Two hours of home practice per week is expected for this class.

Running Wolfpack — Fiercely Committed

Physical Education and Health

with Mrs. Custer or Mr. Rogich

This class is required for everyone and will already be included in the student's schedule.

Physical Education courses typically involve the acquisition of knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for sport, a physically active lifestyle, and social development through physical activity.

Activities typically include those that increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. They reinforce safe techniques,  teach the rules and conventions of games and sports. Lastly they explore the relationship between physical activity and health.

Health topics (such as the effects of drugs and alcohol, sexual education, and healthy lifestyles) may also be included.

Globe surrounded by greetings in different languages

Spanish 1A with Mr. Valios

Students will perform interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communicative speaking, reading, writing and listening tasks within the novice-low range on the ACTFL Proficiency scale.

This is not for students enrolled in the Dual Language Immersion Program.

Wolfpack Tech, Engineering, and Design

Technology, Engineering, and Design (TED) with Mr. Christensen

This is a one-semester class in which the students learn about manufacturing, communication, transportation, construction, and power and energy through the use of the Design Cycle.

Activities include Pop Bottle Rockets, Bridge Design, Wind Power Propellers, Egg Drop and using the 3D CAD program called SolidWorks to design 3D Printing Projects. This is a project based class that teaches the different topics of technology through hands on activities.